Practice area

Medical Malpractice

Adv. Sagi-Dekel specializes in representing claimants and has extensive experience in representing defendants in this area as well. This specific sub-section of tort law requires unique expertise, experience and familiarity with the confluence between law and medicine. Adv. Sagi-Dekel’s paramedical knowledge and experience, and even her familiarity with healthcare organizations in Israel have proven advantageous when handling claims and during legal representation.

Traffic Accidents

Our office represents claimants who were physically injured in traffic accidents, even if they were at fault for the accident, before all insurance companies.

Ministry of Defence

Our office represents plaintiffs before the compensation officer and in appeals of rulings involving personal injury experienced during military service and/or that is attributed to military service.

National Insurance

Our office represents numerous clients, helping them exercise their rights before the National Insurance Institute for any medical condition, workplace accident, etc., in order to obtain maximum rights.

Workplace Injuries

Accidents caused in the workplace and by the work involved are defined as workplace accidents. The victims have rights under these circumstances and our office specializes in representing plaintiffs before the National Insurance Institute to obtain maximum compensation under the circumstances.

Bodily injury

Our office specializes in handling claims involving various forms of physical injury, including street hazards, job-related injuries, subject to the relevant legislation and ruling.

Long-term Care Claims

Our office represents claimants against insurance companies that try to evade their obligation to pay compensation as set forth in the policy when the basic life functions as insured members are impaired.

Life Insurance Claims

Our office represents claimants in life insurance claims against insurance companies that refuse to compensate or pay their policyholders partial compensation for no justified reason.


The office regularly appears in various courts involving various areas of practice, balancing tremendous professionalism with expertise in the areas of law, and demonstrating tremendous skill in appearing before courts.