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Oranit Sagi-Dekel

Adv. Sagi-Dekel graduated with honors from the College of Management in Rishon le Zion in 2010. Upon completion of her studies, Sagi-Dekel specialized in medical malpractice in one of the leading firms in the field, representing medical institutions and physicians.
An expert in the paramedical sector, Adv. Sagi-Dekel balances her legal expertise and extensive medical knowledge that is required in the overlap of medical and legal issues involved in medical malpractice cases.
Adv. Sagi-Dekel worked for many years as an attorney for one of the leading law firms, specializing in tort law and insurance during which she gained extensive experience in representing defendants. In 2016, Sagi-Dekel founded the Sagi-Dekel Law Office, in which she heads the Medical Malpractice department.
Adv. Sagi-Dekel frequently appears in various courts on behalf of private and public clients, in hundreds of cases covering an array of areas, including tort and insurance
Areas of practice: medical malpractice, litigation, personal injury, claims against the Ministry of Defense and National Insurance Institute, traffic accidents, workplace accidents and long-term care insurance claims.

Personal email:
Mobile: 052-6909918